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es; and cou●ld he have felt less painfully th


s a good spirit—wi●th Levison as a bad; inciting the former▓ to all honourable deeds and thought●s, and acting as religion’s best agent▓ in guarding him from wrong.Now, however, it▓ was to enact a different part.In vain his so▓lid good sense argued misfortune was no shame, ▓and that he was as high, in a moral point o▓f view, as he had ever been.Equally vain● was the milder, more consoling voice of rel●igion, in assuring him a Father’s hand h●ad sent the affliction, and therefore ▓it was love; that he failed in submi▓ssion if he could not bear u▓p against it.In vain conscience to


ld him, w●hile she was at rest and glad▓, all outward things should be the same; ●that while his wife and childr●en had been so mercifully preserved, thankful●ness, not grief, should be his ▓portion.Pride, that dark failing which ▓will cling to Judaism, bore all oth▓er argument away, and crushed him.Had he c▓omplained or given way to temper, hi▓s health perhaps would not ha●ve been injured; but he was silent on his own g●riefs, ev


en to his wife, for he knew their e▓ncouragement was wrong.There was no outward cha●nge in his appearance or physical power, and▓ had he not been attacked by a cold a▓nd fever, occasioned by a very inclement wi▓nter, the wreck of his constitutio▓n might never have been discovered.But▓ trifling as his ailments at first▓ appeared, it was but too soon evident that▓ he had no strength to rally● from them.Gradually, yet surely,▓ he sunk

, and with a grief which, ▓demonstrating itself in each according to the●ir diff

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